#16) Bronze As of Faustina II, a.k.a. Faustina Jr., A.D. 146-174/5
Rome mint, A.D. 145-146
RIC (Antoninus Pius) 1391
Reverse: AVGVSTI PII FIL - Salus, seated, facing left, holding scepter and feeding snake, coiled around altar, from patera.
SC in exergue.
25 mm, 11.2 g.

Faustina II

Annia Galeria Faustina, Jr. was the daughter of Antoninus Pius and the wife of Marcus Aurelius (and the mother of Commodus; two out of three isn’t bad). Despite many rumors alledging adulterous affairs and murder, she often accompanied her husband on his military campaigns, and they appeared to be close. 

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