King, A.D.267-270/1
Augustus, A.D. 270/1-272

Billon Antoninianus
Antioch mint
Obv: VABALATHVS VCRIMDR - Laurate bust of Valabathus, draped
Rev: IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG - Radiate bust of Aurelian, cuirassed
A in exergue
RIC (Aurelian) 381
20mm, 3.9g.


Vabalathus was the son of King Odenathus and Queen Zenobia in Palmyra, in present day Syria. When the king was murdered, Vabalathus assumed the title and ruled with his mother. Initially a valuable Roman ally, his increasing independence incurred the wrath of Aurelian, who eventually destroyed his armies and his kingdom.

Note: Purists would argue that the side of the coin featuring Aurelian is actually the obverse.