Proud Subscriber to the Uncleaned Ancient Coin Dealers' Code of Ethics
The Uncleaned Ancient Coin Dealers’
Code of Ethics

Proud Subscriber to the Uncleaned Ancient Coin Dealers' Code of Ethics
As a subscriber to the Uncleaned Ancient Coin Dealers’ Code of Ethics, I accept the following principles for conducting my business:
Principle 1: All advertisements, promotions and offers of uncleaned ancient coins will be accurate;
Principle 2: Orders will be processed quickly;
Principle 3: Return policies will be stated clearly;
Principle 4: Any disputes will be handled courteously and professionally.

Furthermore, being guided by these Principles, I agree to adhere to the following policies:

Advertisements, promotions, etc:

     Any photos will show the actual coins being offered.

     When offering single or multiple coins from a larger batch (e.g., Dutch auctions), photos will show a random assortment and placement of coins.

     Photos of piles of coins will not be deliberately staged to show only the most desirable coins on top with less desirable coins hidden underneath.

     All text descriptions will be accurate and will not encourage unreasonable expectations, such as claims of “Gold Found.”

     Coins will not
knowingly be  misrepresented or deliberately altered--such as redirtying coins already cleaned--for the purpose of misleading the customer.

     The price per quantity will be clearly stated.

     Shipping prices and practices will be clearly stated. Packaging and shipping fees will be reasonable.

     Coins will be in the possession of the person promoting them unless clearly stated otherwise. Pre-orders for anticipated lots will be identified as such and include the anticipated shipping date in any promotion.

     All orders will be shipped within 5 days of receipt of payment unless clearly stated otherwise in the promotion. If this is not possible, customers will be informed of the status of their order within 5 days of the receipt of payment and be given an option to cancel without penalty.

     Coins will be packaged carefully so that the customer is reasonably assured that the items will not be damaged in transit.

Return Policies:
     Return policies will be reasonable and will be displayed plainly and prominently in all promotions.

     Requests for returns will be addressed promptly and courteously and will be consistent with the stated policy.

     Refunds will be processed within 5 business days of receipt of the returned items.

     The dealer will respond to all complaints within 5 business days and will make a good faith effort to satisfy the customer.

     Dealers will not use abusive or inflammatory language in their communications.

     If a dispute cannot be resolved, the dealer will offer to submit the dispute to mediation by a panel comprised of at least one uncleaned coin customer and at least one dealer. If the customer agrees to mediation, the dealer will abide by the recommendation of the mediation panel.

The following uncleaned ancient coin dealers agree to abide by the principles and practices listed above. If a dealer not on this list claims to subscribe to the above code of ethics, please contact the webmaster so that their participation can be verified. (Names are listed in alphabetical order.)

Bob Bischoff - eBay seller name: petroni912
Joe Blazick - eBay seller name: caesars12
Ben Brauchler - BenzGemz - eBay seller name: FredoniaCoinandTreasure
Russ Brochinsky - Ancient Roman Times - eBay seller name: wallyworld106

Alex Fishman - Ancient Coins Canada - Vcoins store - eBay seller name:
Edward Freeman - eBay seller name: quicked
Kim Ghobrial - Kini Products
Ted Haisley - eBay seller name: mikocat
Nathan Hochrein - -
eBay seller name: Holding History
Curtis Jackson-Jacobs - eBay seller name: Jackson-Jacobs-Family-Numismatics
John C. Knudsen - eBay seller name: johnsim03
John "Vic" Morrow - eBay seller name: Zapping Crusty Ant - Ancient Coins
Kevin Sandes  - Noble Roman Coins - eBay seller name: Mayadigger486
Glenn Simonelli - Fel Temp Coins - eBay seller name: gsimonel
Rasiel "Ras" Suarez - Dirty Old Coins - eBay seller name: rasiel
Tom and Tony - Commonbronze - eBay seller name: commonbronze

Subscribe to the Uncleaned Ancient Coin Dealers' Code of Ethics
If you are a dealer of uncleaned ancient coins, agree to abide by this code of ethics, and would like your name added to this list, please contact the webmaster.

Subscribe to the Uncleaned Ancient Coin Dealers' Code of Ethics

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