Climate Change: Winners and Losers

Lesson 1: The Greenhouse Effect

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Use the list of words below to summarize the lesson on the greenhouse effect. You will need to use some words more than once:
electrical, electromagnetic, greenhouse, greenhouse effect, infra-red (IR), magnetic, molecules, motion, visible light

1) Heat is the result of the _____________________________________ of _____________________________________. (page 2)

2) Electromagnetic radiation involves both _____________________________________ and _____________________________________ forces. (page 3)

3) Radio waves, visible light and X-rays are all forms of _____________________________________ radiation. (page 3)

4) Most of the EM radiation that arrives at Earth from the Sun is in the form of _____________________________________ waves. (page 4)

5) Most of the EM radiation that leaves Earth and goes back toward space is in the form of _____________________________________waves. (page 4)

6) Certain molecules in our atmosphere absorb IR radiation and trap heat in the atmosphere. This is what causes the _____________________________________________. (page 4)

7) CO2 and methane are examples of _____________________________________ gases. (page 4)

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Or you can just look over this page and make sure that you know what the answers are. Your choice.

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