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Welcome to the memories of Glenn and Michele's trip to Thailand and Cambodia, the summer of 2015 to celebrate Isaac's 30th Birthday and our 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Isaac, Michele and Glenn at Ko Phi Phi

Isaac, Michele and Glenn at Ko Phi Phi

The first half of the trip I laughed that the gods were with us bringing us sunshine and mild weather during the day in the monsoon season. Soon the rain gods got caught up with us and poured in great exhilarating torrents for hours at a time—day and night. I loved it all.

The Rain at Khao Sok

The rain at Khao Sok, as seen from the porch of our floating bungalow on the lake.

The highlight of the trip was finding Isaac, whom we hadn’t seen in two years other than on Skype, in such a good place in every respect. He said we caught him at a good moment, and I’m glad we did. He had just completed a “6-pack in 6 weeks” challenge and felt his body hadn’t been in such good condition since he was a high school swimmer 12 years ago. His ongoing challenge is to continue the path of these six weeks, which includes yoga, sleep(!) and home-cooked food.

I was so happy to see him truly invested in his work as Editor-In-Chief at the Phuket Gazette, a weekly English paper primarily for ex-pats. It became clear to me that it is more than just a job or a professional stepping-stone; Isaac genuinely cares about the paper and the team of people producing it.

Isaac in a rice field.

Isaac in a rice field. He was our highlight.

What else? Sharing moments with Glenn that, many years ago, (pre-children), we fantasized about: exploring the huge, mysterious Hindu and Buddhist temples around Siem Reap, Cambodia, and the paradise beaches of Thailand. After the 24-hour plane ride to Thailand, we were acutely aware of the differences between those young dreamer’s bodies and minds and those of the older, middle-aged couple we now are, while at the same time celebrating and grateful for the ever-deepening love we share.

Glenn & Michele, wet but happy in the tuk-tuk

Glenn and Michele, wet but happy to be riding in a tuk-tuk.

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