Thailand: Big Buddha

Lindsay, a very good friend of Isaac’s, soon became our guardian angel and frequent provider of transportation, especially when Isaac was at work. 


Lindsay, at Big Buddha, excited to discover that she can read the Thai word for "welcome" in Thai script.

She took us to “Big Buddha”, which we had heard about ever since Isaac’s arrival on the island 4 years ago, but we had NO idea just how big “Big Buddha” really is!

Big Buddha

Big Buddha, sitting atop a hill, overlooking much of southern Phuket.

It's hard to appreciate just how big this statue of Buddha really is. To give some idea, here's a photo of Glenn standing beside a statue of the Buddha.

Glenn and statue

Glenn standing next to a statue of the Buddha.

This statue is behind the seated "Big Buddha." Now here's another shot of the same statue, with the lower part of Big Buddha's back behind it.

Standing statue and Big Buddha

The back of big buddha, with the same statue from the previous photo shown for scale.

There is a columnated prominade around the base of Big Buddha. Signs posted on the walls of the prominade explain the history of Buddhist iconography, the spread of Buddhism around the world, the philosophy of Buddhism and the path to enlightment, and the history and ongoing construction of the Big Buddha project.

the 5 precepts

The 5 precepts, or ideal behaviors, of Buddhism.

Inexplicably, this sign was also posted, the only sign there not directly related to Buddhism.

Gaul bladder health

"If you suffer any of the following symptoms, or similar conditions, you most likely have numerous gallstones in your liver and gallbladder:" Apparently, gallbladder health is another precept.

What on Earth is that sign doing there? Was it posted for tourists yearning to be able to write "clay-colored stool [symptom #6]" in Thai script?

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