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An English Lesson:

Glenn befriended Tola, a waiter at our hotel, who taught English in the evenings to the children in his village. He invited us to come for a visit and Solin joined us. Tola and his wife and 9-month-old son lived in an unpainted, but well-built wooden home on stilts. Children of many ages, some carrying a younger sibling on their hip, gradually gathered and sat on the ground beneath the wooden home. They were warm, friendly and curious about us.

The village children

The children arriving for their English lesson.

Tola led them in a repetition of English sentences on a white board and then asked Glenn to do so.

Tola and Glenn

Tola showing Glenn the white board.

After completing that, Glenn asked if he could teach the children a song and soon he was leading rousing and ever-faster rounds of “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” with the children laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  

Glenn writing on the whiteboard

Writing the words to "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" on the board.

Glenn then suggested a game of “Simon Says”, which these beautiful children caught on to right away and were very good at.

The lesson

Up and moving around.

We brought notebooks and pencils for the children, which they proudly held up for the photo and warmly embraced us farewell. 

The gang

Our new notebooks.

This was a magical moment for me to see Glenn and these children so actively engaged without having much of a shared language. Plus, I got to hold Tola's baby, Sovanda

Michele and baby

Sovanda refused to let go of me when it was time to go. I didn't mind.

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