Cambodia: Other Adventures

The evening of Isaac’s birthday Solin and her husband, “Sam” (his Americanized name) met us for dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a delicious chocolate mousse cake for Isaac.

Birthday cake

Isaac's birthday cake, compliments of Solin.

We finished the evening shooting a couple games of pool and a ride back to our hotel in a Batman tuk-tuk!

Batman tuk-tuk

Isaac in the "Batman" tuk-tuk.

A Floating Fishing Village

With one full day left in Cambodia, we chose to visit a floating village. A longboat took us along a canal bordered by houses on floats, some of them beautifully decorated. People who could not afford land could own a home, which was moved to different locations on the lake, depending on the season.

On the longboat

Isaac, Glenn and Michele on the longboat.

Floating houses

Some of the floating homes of the fishing village.

Floating house

Many of them were colorfully painted . . .

Floating house

. . . and adorned with house plants.

floating house

Some were overflowing with the season's supplies.

We passed a floating mission school in its morning session on our way down the canal.


The local elementary school in the village.

Later when we stopped at the floating store “Crocodile Farm” for refreshment, the children were arduously making their way home on skiffs through thick water hyacinths. Our motorized longboat had to stop occasionally in order to clear the propeller of the plants, but these children had only their arms and paddles to take them home through what Glenn dubbed “Cambodian snow.” Imagine their determination for an education and another way of life, which Solin told us they all desired.

Crocodile farm

The local village crocodile farm . . .

General store

. . . which also doubled as the general store.

The children, many as young as six or seven, were on their own as they navigated the dense carpet of plants. It took many of them five or ten minutes to propel their boats forward a mere 50 feet. Progress was slow, pandemonius, and fascinating to watch.

Children returning from school

Children, most still in their school uniforms, paddling their way home through the thick, choking water hyacinths.

More kids

Children plodding through the "Cambodian snow" while the two dogs of the general store supervised.

Young girl

And to think they do this twice a day, every school day.

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