Our Adventures Beyond the Outback

Group photo at Uluru
Carrie, Julius, Michele and Glenn - the four intreped travelers at Uluru.

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Cairns Botanical Gardens

        The best Botanical Gardens we have ever seen.
        We walked paths lush with flora around both 
        salt water and fresh water ponds, with a
        Chinese pagoda and gateway signifying their
        Chinese sister city.
Pitcher plant
Rainbow bee-eater
Julius was particularly excited for us to finally get to see a rainbow bee-eater.

There was an area that traced the earth’s tectonic plates timeline from when Panagea broke into the Laurasia (northern Hemisphere) and Gondwanaland (southern hemisphere). Julius was particularly thrilled with the enclosure for orchids and butterflies.

Lunch was at a café that specialized in New York style reubens, which were good, but not very much like New York’s. However, the owner’s enthusiasm for her restaurant was great.

Night spotting with Patrick, looking for tree possums. We looked for glowing eyes with our headlamps. When we spotted something, Julius quickly snapped a photo so that we didn't disturb the little critters too much.
Common brushtail
A common brushtail possum
Yellow-bellied glider
A yellow-bellied glider

Common brushtail, coppery form
A coppery form of a common brushtail possum
Lemuroid possum
A lemuroid possum
Cane toad
A notorius cane toad, a prolific invader, brought to
Australia from South America.

Green ringtail possum
A green ringtail possum
Lemuroid possum
Two lemuroid possums

Green ringtail possum
Another green ringtail . . .
Common brushtail, coppery form
. . . and another coppery common brushtail.

Some of the animals were really difficult to see in the dark. We were amazed when Patrick was able to spot them and point them out to us.

Even after Julius took this photo of the gecko, Michele and Glenn couldn't see it.
Hidden common brushtail
Can you spot the common brushtail hidden in the leaves? (Click on photo.)

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