Our Adventures in the Outback
Group photo at Uluru
Carrie, Julius, Michele and Glenn - the four intreped travelers at Uluru.

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Arltunga Historical Reserve is an abandoned gold-mining camp accessible only by rough, curvy unpaved roads. Julius masterfully drove us there in a rented RAV 4.
An abandoned gold-mining town from the late 1800s
Window Window
The miners had incredibly difficult lives, but at least they had nice views.

After lots of driving and some concern that we had lost our way, we eventually arrived and toured the remaining buildings of this mining camp.
Stone Crusher
          A giant stone crusher, used to separate the gold from the quartz matirx.
Michele by car
                              Did we mention that the place was abandoned?

Jesse Gap
We saw a bustard on the drive home . . .
. . . and ended the day with a brief stop at Jesse Gap, where there were aboriginal markings on the stones.

Aboriginal art          Jesse Gap

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