Our Adventures Beyond the Outback

Group photo at Uluru
Carrie, Julius, Michele and Glenn - the four intreped travelers at Uluru.

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Travel day, flight to Cairns. Got in late to our very cute Airbnb pod, with a view of the ocean.

Glenn entering our Jetsons-inspired rental house. We spent a week in this delightful pod by the seashore.

The next day, with very little sleep, we wake at 4am to drive 1˝ hours to meet our Dainetree River boat tour guide, Murry, who knows just where to find snakes and birds. 

Little Kingfisher
A little kingfisher
Azure Kingfisher
An azure kingfisher
Green Oriole
A green oriole keeps a watchful
eye on the strange people in the
A saltwater crocodile. Notice the blood on the two side teeth; this crocodile was recently in a fight with another crocodile a little ways up the river.

Great billed heron
A noisy heron perched on a tree limb. The other heron hid in the undergrowth.

We concluded our time on the Dainetree with an
entrancing display between two Great Bill Herons
—first chasing each other across the river in front
of us and then perched 10-20 feet apart with the
one we presumed to be the male (no one knew
for sure) making a sonorous cow-like call by
stretching and then releasing his neck.
We watched
from the idled boats for several minutes wondering
if this was a mating ritual.

After the river tour we ate a very hearty breakfast at an open-air café and watched a spectacular olive-backed sunbird feed in a nearby mimosa tree.  


Happily nourished, we drove to Cape Tribulation with stops before and after for short walks on boardwalks through rain forest and mangrove ecosystems, all in the rain, sometimes lighter than other times.  

Trees RainForest
The beautiful rain forest at Cape Tribulation.

Mangrove Roots
A rainbow lorikeet
Glenn on boardwalk Cassowary
A juvenile cassowary walking along the side of the road.
Strangler fig
Braided Fig Tree
Admiring the destructive beauty of a braided strangler fig tree. The host tree
has long since died and rotted away.

Shore Glenn on Shore
Glenn strolling along the shoreline of
Tribulation Point
Carrie Mangrove
Carrie stands in front of the mangrove trees.
Glenn and Michele
The delicate beauty of the tropical rainforest canopy at Tribulation Point.

Fresh coconuts refreshed us mid-day. Exhausted, we returned to our home area and waited . . .

. . . and waited some more. . .                                          

. . . and waited still longer for our take-out Thai dinner.                          

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