Our Adventures in the Outback

Group photo at Uluru
Carrie, Julius, Michele and Glenn - the four intreped travelers at Uluru.

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Kings Canyon
We began the day collaborating over a campground grill attempting to light it to cook bacon and eggs. The wind kept blowing out the meager flame. It took some tenacity and faith that the gas grill could overcome the wind and our inexperience. Much to our joy and pride, bacon eventually sizzled, to which we added eggs and the leftover potato wedges from last night’s dinner.

Kings Canyon
King’s Canyon, Julius’ favorite Central Australian hike. It seems he has a special place in his heart for many places here in Australia. The vast weathered round domes are stunning and mystifying, even though the signage clearly states how they are formed over the millennia. 
Sing Domes

Photo shoot
Recording a yoga photo shoot for posterity. Can she hold it for the shot?

And the result: She did it!


A natural cairn.

Like others, we rested and snacked at the Garden of Eden, a sacred water hole, deep in a valley recess--an oasis and revered ground by the traditional owners. People talked in hushed murmurs and let the silence soak in.
Oasis Lunch

Canyon Wall

A sheer canyon wall, part of a small section of the vast Kings Canyon.

Glenn and Julius
Julius and Glenn, probably pausing for a breath.
Michele marches onward. Wait up!
Carrie on the Cliff
Carrie makes it to the top!

We climbed back down, got in our car and drove to Uluru in time for the setting Sun to set it aglow. We'll be back tomorrow!


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