Our Adventures in the Outback

Group photo at Uluru
Carrie, Julius, Michele and Glenn - the four intreped travelers at Uluru.

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Four Days, Three Nights Camping in the Outback

Ellery Creek
We started our trip to Kings Canyon with a brief stop
at Ellery Creek, a beautiful tropical swimming hole in the middle of the Outback.
Ellery Creek ElleryCreek
Carrie revelling in the beautiful surroundings.


Serpentine George
 Our second stop was at the magnificent Serpentine Gorge.
JuliusandCarrie Michele
Carrie Julius

Ochre Pits
Ochre Pit Sign
At another stop we spent some time exploring the ochre pits.
The aboriginal people used the ochre
here for medicine and decoration.
Ochre Pit

Glen Helen Resort
Glen Helen Menu
We ate our packed lunch outside and wandered down to the river where we saw a beautiful white-faced heron.
Stream    White Faces Heron

Gosse Bluff
We made one final stop at Gosse Bluff to see the remains of an ancient impact crater.
Gosse Bluff

Then it was on to Kings Canyon!

Pulling in late and after dark, we barely made it to the only place to eat at King’s Creek Station before they closed up for the night. Our burgers and potato wedges were the last orders of the day. Enjoyed eating at the communal campground tables within the screened-in porch area.

We set up our tents in the dark on the “lawn” as opposed to a specified campsite. Our tent door faced Julius and Carrie’s, making it easy to call out our “Good Nights” and “Good Mornings” from our two-feet high air mattress they had bought for our comfort. Now, we are spoiled!

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