Our Adventures Beyond the Outback

Group photo at Uluru
Carrie, Julius, Michele and Glenn - the four intreped travelers at Uluru.

Page 13:
To Cassowary Park.
Stopped at the Boulders along the way.
Julius Rocks
Took a lot of water to shape these rocks.

Stream Arches
Some determined person stacked these rocks into arches. How'd they do it?
I wonder how long they will last.
Carrie and I walked and lolled along the beautiful, solitary beach . . .
Carrie Michele

. . . while Julius and Glenn followed the big bird around the beach and parking lot area.
Yeah, they're big. But they're kinda ugly, too.
Just wondering about Thanksgiving.
Carrie and I did a little yoga together.
Michele and Carrie Carrie

Josephene Falls had three levels of viewing and a very cool rock slide for the adventurous. Late in the day and chilly, we were not tempted, but got some great photos with the highest falls as our backdrop.
Carrie on rocks Group
Wet, tired. Happy.

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